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Iron Property takes advantage of having access to many carriers so you end up with the best coverage that best fits your home. So why choose us for your homeowners insurance needs? We will look for the lowest rates and the best plans in your area. This can be achieved in a number of ways. One is by providing you with multiple discounts that you qualify for such as multi-policy discounts obtaining both your homeowners and auto insurance through our agency. We will search all our carriers based on your specific home construction details and the area you are located in. We search for carriers that specialize in certain markets but will not charge a higher rate. For example, many other agencies or insurance companies can only provide windstorm coverage by providing a separate policy. Our agency specializes in finding great policies with good rates which include windstorm coverage, without the need for obtaining a separate policy. Providing you with multiple discounts and making sure you have adequate coverage for your property and your contents is our objective.

How do you make sure you have enough coverage? Most agents have cost estimators that help determine your home’s replacement cost value, and different carriers use their own set of standards to help determine replacement cost for your home. Requesting a lower cost of coverage may not be the best solution because that could result in losing valuable coverage. Understanding your replacement cost will help determine the type of coverage that better suits you and help you be better prepared when it comes time to submit a claim.

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